The Central Idea
Observing and Explaining the Economy
The Supply and Demand Model
Elasticity and Its Use
The Demand Curve and the Behavior of Consumers
The Supply Curve and the Behavior of Firms
The Interaction of People in Markets
Costs and the Changes at Firms over Time
The Rise and Fall of Industries
Product Differentiation, Monopolistic Competition, and Oligopoly
Antitrust Policy and Regulation
Labor Markets
Taxes, Transfers, and Income Distribution
Public Goods, Externalities, and Government Behavior
Physical Capital and Financial Markets


Macroeconomics: The Big Picture
Measuring the Prodution, Income, and Spending of Nations
The Spending Allocation Model
Unemployment and Employment
Productivity and Econimic Growth
Money and Inflation
The Nature and Causes of Economic Fluctuations
Using the Economic Fluctuations Model
The Economic Fluctuations Model
Fiscal Policy
Monetary Policy
Economic Growth Around the World
The Gains from International Trade
International Trade Policy
Emerging Market Economies